One thing I know, I always have thing to feel thankful despite all the dirt people throw to my face. Well, things seemed so wrong these past weeks. Well, maybe the mother universe is trying to tell me something. I try not to stop making more more space and time in my heart to process things.

Sometimes things don’t go as you plan, sometimes people don’t act as you expect. Sometimes shits do happen, with dirt comes along.

Now I can’t even differ which one of things is right or wrong ; appropriate or inappropriate. Because sometimes you have to live in a majority-is-always-right culture (no offense, democracy) that can make you get pointed out as selfish prick when you are the only one that knows the right thing.

World is getting harsh, people are getting meaner.

You have to be ready for those who get closer only to take advantage of you,

those who wants your idea yet don’t want your involvement,

those who judge you from your working style,

those who try to abandon you from opportunities,

those who exclude you when they no longer need anything from you,

those who are incapable enough to be fair or just,

those who give their sweetest smile in front of you yet pushing you off the cliff when you turn around,

those who steal your belongings,

those who resent you for not compensating their faults,

those who overhear your idea(s) and take credits out of it.

Let’s just think that they come just for checking if I’ve been too arrogant and missing to feel grateful.
Let’s just think these weeks are the time for my bad luck, bad karma & bad drama.

Let’s just think that I’m being reminded to be a better and bigger person afterwards. It’s good to try to keep being sane, and stay away from anger & sadness.

Hold still.

Source : PILAR AYU

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